Great Philosopher Thome H. Fang said:

"Han dynasty followed Qin’s domineering."

"Foreign countries do not understand China."

Chang Shangde


When the first Emperor of Qin unified the Six Kingdoms, hegemony began to flourish. This continued into the Han Dynasty. But where are these hegemonies now?

     From ancient times, Syria has also been dominated by every kind of hegemonic power (including religious power) and in constant conflict of war. This destabilized society and made it difficult for the people to survive. This began in the age of ancient Greece. It is not just modern Syria in conflict. Even the Mongolia Empire occupied Syria for a time in the past. Today countries the world over continue playing these hegemonic games but now they possess weapons of mass destruction. The situation is similar to China’s occupation by the Eight-Nation Alliance in the previous century.

     Schopenhauer, the great German Philosopher said:

    “Concerning human history, if we even read one page, we find that we understand all of history which is nothing but:

Cheating, Exploitation, and Slaughter,”

The vital spirit and content of the Chinese noble and benevolent culture is summed up in the following:

   "When the Great Principle prevails, the world is a Commonwealth in which rulers are selected according to their wisdom and ability. Mutual confidence is promoted and good neighborliness cultivated. Hence, men do not regard as parents only their own parents, nor do they treat as children only their own children. Provision is secured for the aged till death, employment for the able-bodied, and the mean of growing up for the young. Helpless widows and widowers, orphans and the lonely, as well as the sick and the disable, are well cared for. Men have their respective occupations and women their homes. They do not like to see wealth lying idle, yet they do not keep it for their own gratification. They despise indolence, yet they do not use their energies for their own benefit. In this way, selfish scheming are repressed, and robbers, thieves and other lawless men no longer exist, and there is no need for people to shut their outers. This is called the Great Harmony (TA TUNG)."

     The exemplary spiritual culture of Chinese Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist thought is shown in the chapter of The Commonwealth of Great Unity. “Kindness towards all beings of the entire Universe” in Confucianism, “Compassion and prudence” in Taoism, and “Empathy, Mercy, Joy and Equity” in Buddhism, are all common ideals which the Chinese people have always pursued. Since the coming into power, the Chinese Communist Party has rejected and fought against Capitalist Imperialism or Imperialist Capitalism.

    Along with the Industrial revolution, the British and the Americans have dominated the world over. Regrettably even today, THIS game still continues today.

     The fate of China and the whole of humanity, depends on whether we are guided into the future using the same Sagely Wisdom that has guided the beneficent culture of China. China especially must move towards this exalted direction in all aspects. During this visit to the US by the delegation led by Chairman Xi Jinpin, the humanistic accomplishment and implementation they have demonstrated is indeed indicative of this

Sagely Wisdom.

     Everyone all over the world, who works for peace, security and the well-being of humanity must also work and act according to this sagely wisdom. We must all endure hardship and strive in innovative ways, while we make progress in every positive direction so that we can go beyond even the goodness of the British and the Americans.


     Let’s come together while we pursue and call for:

    May distinguished spiritual civilization reign forever.

    May the security, happiness and peace of humankind reign forever.

Great Philosopher Thome H. Fang spoke about and pursued these very things throughout his life. For this reason he always turned to “Confucian Benevolence”, “Taoist graciousness” and “the four boundless states taught in the Buddhist Huayan Sutra.”

 That is:

 “Unbounded principles of truth, ”

 “Unbounded reality of phenomena, ”

 “Unbounded harmony between the phenomenal world and truth, ”

“Unbounded harmony in the appearance of all existence.”


8 April 2017

At the Dharma Academy in Taiwan