A Letter


U.S. President Obama


Your Excellency President Obama:

  I am a Chinese old man at the age of eighty-three, one member of the earth, and was a victim under Japanese attack during the World War II. I was very grateful that U.S. supported China to defeat Japan. I like you very much, and dream of the culture of freedom and democracy in the west. According to my understanding, the culture of democracy in the west, especially in the U.S., is similar to the traditional culture of humanity in China to a great extent. Despite small number of differences, they are completely consistent in humanity, equality, justice and world peace pursuing.

  Therefore, I translated Open Society and Its Enemies, Philosophy of Freedom and The Road to Serfdom.

  I am very much glad that you are the guard of world peace, so you won the Nobel Prize in Peace. Now the world peace demand the joint maintenance from U.S. and around the world. Before the coming of U.S. National Day, as a citizen of the earth, I faithfully congratulate your National Day, and hope U.S. can always exist in the world. I praise U.S., so my little son studied for eight years in U.S., and now works as a chief engineer in Taipei U.S. School. I praise you U.S., and hope you understand and praise China in return.

  What is the future for human beings? Collaboration with each other in peace, or destruction through killing each other, that is a big problem.


Sincerely yours,

Chang Shang-te

June 30, 2014